Natalie Wharton

Head Office Manager

With the formal title of Head Office Manager you would expect Natalie to be quite headmistress-like; Far from it. Behind the smart glasses and Miss Moneypenny attire lurks a wild child.

Former council manager Natalie confesses to drinking anything as long as it’s not brandy. The facebook page for AtWill Pubs confirms this.

Natalie has the best fact amongst our team as far as talking points are concerned: and this is the fact she got through to the late stages of X Factor a couple of years ago. Yes this starlet in our midst is surely biding her time before she graces the stage again, if anyone has any footage we will post it, so far Natalie is somewhat coy about the experience….

Nat confesses to being head over heels in love with Neil (aka Nipper), who works alongside her Dad, Mally: performing wonders in plumbing and tiling the world over: who she likens to Del Boy and Rodney, with less charisma. (her words)

Nat lists cooking and drinking, and of course singing as her favourite past times. Nipper described her past times as “three bottles of wine, followed by crying whilst swimming on the floor”. Say no more.