Mark Agnew

Group Stock Controller and Technical Manager

A stock controller who doesn’t drink: that’s what we like!

Mark hasn’t sent us his profile picture yet, so we decided to pick a random one from the net. Perhaps he might be more forthcoming with his own picture now…

Mark has three children, two boys and a very attractive 18 year old girl (“hands off” Mark adds)

Mark is a Rugby man as opposed to Football, he has yet to form the AtWill 1st 15 though…. and he admits to loving the Love Boat series from the 70’s, and a handful of others we’d never heard of: they must be from the 60’s, or pre-war.

Being a computer geek, Mark enjoys his weekends fixing computers, and spending time with his children.

He also spends a lot of time looking at pictures of Hervé Villechaize…..
But we don’t ask why.