Dixton Maw

Dixton heads up the Cocked Hat in Stockport and The Cock and Swine Swinton

Dixton drinks Dandelion and Burdock. It’s fair to say at this point he may have slipped through the HR net….

Dixton has nearly quarter of a century of experience running proper pubs (doesn’t look that old but he must be). 

Family man Dixton has two children, with Gemma, who he states he has been with for “19 years so far”, so he is obviously counting the days on that one. They also have a cat called Bertie, who ate their tortoise Eric one day. Annual memorial services for Eric still draw large crowds in Swinton.

Dixton has the patter and charm, every man’s best mate and likes to think he’s  every woman’s guilty pleasure. Mad for his cask ale and proud to serve a cracking pint, Dixton ensures his pubs are first rate, seven days a week. 

Dixton would like everyone to know he owns a Jag. I think he’s quite proud of it, as he stands starring at it for long periods of time, and strokes it like a dog.