An Overview

“The pub, short for 'public house', is an integral part of British life. In many parts of the world, most bars are little more than functional drinking holes. In Britain, though, a pub is typically much more than this: it can be a meeting place, an entertainment centre, the focal point of a community. As a visitor, popping into one or two pubs will help you to understand what the country and its people are like, beyond the usual tourist images of castles, royals and Shakespeare. The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) estimates that 80 per cent of adults consider themselves 'pub goers', and over 15 million -- nearly a third of the adult population -- drink in a pub at least once a week.

Whether you want to sample the atmosphere, meet the locals, try the beer or just quench a thirst, we’re sure you’ll find a warm welcome and a cold beer in all of our pubs.”

Each pub has its own style and flavour, though you'll find good cask beers, freshly cooked food, decent and affordable wine and a good shelf of rum and malt whiskies throughout. We run informal places for people who like to meet, eat, drink and talk in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Most of our pubs are wet lead cask boozers of the Rovers Return and Queen Vic variety, some are a bit foody, but with the same great cask ale and atmosphere you used to associate with British pubs in the good old days. We intend to bring back this cornerstone of British culture by giving our pubs back to the communities that love them and have seen them suffer in the hands of the pub companies.

Right from the outset, the plan was to get the company to between 10 and 20 pubs, which is a useful size for a group of pubs. It’s big enough to have achieved critical mass in terms of our size and ability to grow, and to be able to provide decent head office support in terms of food, beer and wine, IT, HR, buildings, accounts etc. At the same time, it’s small enough to still feel like a family company, where everyone knows everyone else.

Essentially we just want to enjoy our pubs, and we want our team to enjoy working for us.